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....But MOST of all - I am very happy (I mean really HAPPY) with your Scarper Vice Buster !!! This thing really stinks BAD :-))) And it works unbelievably.

P.V. Czechoslovakia Oct.2012

Since we started using Scarper anti-pick in August we have seen tremendous results with vent pecking among birds in isolators. After a bird has been sprayed with Scarper anti-pick in a isolator we have noticed that the pecking stops on that bird and no new vent pecking starts on any other birds in that isolator. To date we have not lost a single bird from vent pecking once we have sprayed the bird with Scraper anti-pick. With our old anti-pick Hot Pick the results weren't as good, we would have to keep re-spraying a vent pecked bird several times and would lose birds to vent pecking that had been sprayed with Hot Pick.

I recommend that we make Scarper our new anti-pecking spray for our birds.

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health 

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